Fehu Token Future is now

“I am the way to wealth,
The power of having and moving,
The freedom of having enough,
With more to come.
I carry my treasure.
Within me is all.
I am Fehu.”



Fehu Symbolism


Fehu is the rune symbolic for “wealth in motion” representative for Celts grazing with cattle.


The token is now enabling people to move their wealth fluidly, storing it in their art and ingenuity. With a borderless ecosystem where programmers and artists can build anything they please.


Whether you want to send money abroad, or better the community with imagery, music, and creative applications, Fehu gives you the tools and freedom for it.


Lastly, the Guardian Animal NFTs give you decision-making power within the DAO, and free access to unique experiences like traveling and concerts for which you can vote, or fund yourself on the secondary market.

Fehu Token Protocol


FehuToken is an ERC-20 governance and utility token at the core of the FEHU universe that entices a decentralized community to build the future of WEB3.0. As an open-source protocol, FehuToken provides several use cases:


      Unification of Spend

FehuToken is the universe’s commodity and internal measure of wealth, empowering participants to share and express prices and values without intermediaries or centralization.



FehuToken enables early access to exclusive NFTs which further broaden the holder’s ability to influence decision making and enjoy perks such as exclusive events, P2E games, merch, and services.



FehuToken is the universal governance pass, allowing holders to mint NFTs and have a say in the Fehu DAO.



FehuToken is a freeway for third-party developers to engage with the DAO and boost the token’s utility by integrating it as a medium of exchange for products, services, games, and other projects in the scope of enhancing them.

Empowering others


Our vision is to empower the community to shape its own decentralized universe through communication… You demand, we deliver.


Use Cases


``Our token will feature its personalised DApp, with Dashboard to track token performance, a DAO for all our NFT owners and an event tracker where people can claim their tickets for specific events based on the NFT collection and attributes!``

NFT Minting DAPP

``You will be able to mint our future NFT Collections using our platform. However you will need to buy them using our token. You can trade them freely afterwards on any Marketplace you want, like OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible etc.``

FehuStake Rewards

``Stake our token for a specific time period and get rewarded with NFTs from an exclusive Staking Collection! The longer you stake the better the rarity of the NFT!``

Protection against fraud

``We ensure that 95% of the initial liquidity will be locked to provide safety for our customers and an organic growth of our token. Furthermore we will also list our token on Centralised Exchanges for an increased trust factor.``


``Try your luck and earn some tokens! We will feature casino type games.``


Road Map

Phase 1 - Birth
✓ Website Token Launch
✓ Website NFT Launch
✓ Whitepaper Launch
✓ Fair Stealth Launch, FehuToken is Born!
Phase 2
✓ Official SoMe Accounts
✓ Apply for websites listing
✓ First FEHU NFTs for the voting system
Phase 3
☐ NFT Mint Dapp
✓ Voting System for community ideas
☐ Coin Marketcap Listing application
✓ Coin Gecko Listing application
Phase 4
☐ FehuStake Release
☐ Collaboration with different Countries for events
☐ Key Marketing Partnerships
☐ Casino Preview
Phase 5
☐ Website v2.0
☐ Decrease Buy/Sell Tax
☐ Major CEX Listing
☐ Release Casino


How to Buy

  1. Create a Wallet (e.g Metamask, TrustWallet)
  2. Fund your wallet with ETH
  3. Paste the contract address in the UniSwap swap frame below
  4. Change slippage to 5-6% to allow for tax and volume
  5. Click on swap

Contract Address: 0x552a033B6Ed14b25c1B47b58a86c9A3F9fc9c87B


Buy Fees







Sell Fees









Tokenomics and Trustability

  • Token name:Fehu Token
  • Token Symbol:FEHU
  • Total Supply:
  • Buy Fee:5%
  • Sell Fee:10%

General description


We want to show our Fehu Investors that security and Safety is our top priority:

Liquidity is Locked on Team.finance
Link: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0x552a033B6Ed14b25c1B47b58a86c9A3F9fc9c87B?name=FehuToken&symbol=FEHU

Ownership Renounce for the Contract
Link: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xcba6516e00dd1c15af504f41a99bf43f8d819cf5c60b84576a74cf7af0d88d20#eventlog


Token Characteristics


Ease of buy and sell (Uniswap and FehuSwap for the beginning and then on centralized exchanges)

Our Tax will decrease overtime accordingly to our future implementations and partnership with other exchanges.
This system of lowering the tax is irreversible and can only be changed to a lower value than the previous one.

AntiWhale and Antibot system.
In the beginning, we implemented a protection system that allows buyers to hold a maximum of 3% of the total available supply. That is a strong way to avoid market manipulation and contribute to minimizing volatility. This System will be eliminated once a specific market cap is obtained.

Our Team Wallet is Gnosis, which is a safe cryptocurrency wallet specially designed for the Ethereum network to host eth-based cryptos and tokens with access/control scheme through multiple signers that need to confirm transactions.

Link : https://gnosis-safe.io/app/eth:0xFB7f718de5B111b81384f498b314b3881F511c1D/

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.





Soon to come, our system where you can provide suggestions and ideas for the future of Fehu! We will create special NFT collections which you can use to provide us with ideas and also vote on our system!



Claudiu R
Lead Developer/ CO-Founder
Andrei R
Marketing Management / CO-Founder
Andrei E
Business Law
Leonard T
Social Media Manager / PR

Listing Partners


Frequency Asked Questions

Tell your friends & family, about FehuToken. Social Media is a wonderful place

You can also email your business proposal to partnership@fehutoken.com


In the beginning, we implemented a protection system that allows buyers to hold a maximum of 3% of the total available supply. That is a strong way to avoid market manipulation and contribute to minimizing volatility.

Increase slippage to around 5% on BUY.
Increase slippage to around 10% on SELL.

What is Gas?

Gas is a unit of measuring the computational work (including computation, storage, bandwidth, etc.)of running transactions or smart contracts in the Ethereum network. The gas used for the transaction will be kept by the miners for their work. Transaction can be stored in more than one block and then be broadcast to the Ethereum network. Miners will execute transactions that offers a higher gas price with reasonable gas. If your miner fee is too low for miners to execute the transaction, the blockchain will record the transaction as “Failed”.

What is Gas Price?

Gas price refers to the amount of Ether you’re willing to pay for every unit of gas, and is usually measured in “Gwei”. The higher gas price is, the higher ETH you have to pay for each step of computational work. One ETH equals to a billion Gwei. 1 Gwei = 0.000000001 ETH. Supposed gas price is 20 Gwei, then it means that the sender is ready to spend 0.00000002 ETH on each unit. Total cost of a commission for a transaction in ETH: Tx Fee = Actual Gas Used * Gas Price For example, if the transaction used 50 units and gas price is 2 Gwei, then the total transaction fee is 50 * 2 = 100 Gwei.

What is Gas Limit?

If the amount for the Gas Limit they indicated is too low, then the transaction is considered invalid and will be dropped, and the Gas spent for calculations will not return to the account. If the gas consumption does not reach gas limit after the transaction is completed, all unused Gas is returned to the sender’s account. In other words, the maximum transaction fee is the product of Gas Limit and Gas Price.

Cryptographic tokens are programmable assets that can be developed and recorded on existing blockchains, as a special-access smart contract.

Tokens operate within a pre-existing blockchain to allow for the creation and execution of unique smart contracts that often deliver ownership of assets outside of the blockchain network. Tokens can represent units of value—including real-world items like electricity, money, points, coins, digital assets, and more—and can be sent and received.

ERC-20 tokens exist on the Ethereum network, NEP-5 tokens are on the NEO cryptocurrency network. The tokens live on the blockchain of those currencies, but are not the same as the coins those currencies use as their denomination.

Those tokens, written into the smart contract of the underlying blockchain of the cryptocurrency, are only accessible by the person with the private key for the token. They allow people to create new assets, whose ownership and scarcity can be verified using blockchain technology.



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Risk Disclaimer

* The trading of alternative cryptocurrencies has potential rewards, and it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all people. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice.